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Carolyn Arnold

It is a touch screen, but it has a Google Keyboard with it.
It is really nice, and the way the keyboard is made with it,
it is really like a little mini computer. It folds and makes
a nice case.

You can add an SD card, I believe 128 gb. Joshua Kennedy
will know.

My Wal-Mart did not have one, so I bought mine from Amazon.
I didn't think to check Wal-Mart online. But still, I paid
$109; Joshua says Wal-Mart has them for $80, I think $79.99.
It has Google TalkBack, and I have now adjusted her to the
fastest speed.

If you use it without the keyboard, you need to power off
the device, and if you reattach the keyboard, you need to
power off. It is flexible that way, so you can use it either
way. I really think that a person can get good value from

I think that the future is leading to tablets and phones.
I'm not sure why one might have both. I got the tablet to
learn to use the Google platform so that I could get an
Android phone, which is a more expensive investment. I am
glad that Joshua told us on the list about them.

If you get one, I'll send you the key strokes that Joshua
sent me, because that makes it way easier, if you know how
to navigate. You have to use Alt with Arrow and Enter and
things to move about or enter. You use Shift+Alt+Enter for
Long Press, which is more or less a menu. If you are using
the screen, you double tap and hold. Ana Garza in her book
said when you double tap, it is like a two-sylable word. My
husband's last name is Samples, so I think Samples, as I
double tap, and I am opening things now.

Best from,


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Hi Carrolyn,
I am seriously considering buying a Android tablet. You
sound like you are quite happy with your RCA Galileo pro
tablet. Can you add more space on the tablet if need be? Is
it a touch screen? I was trying to follow the thread the
list had going sometime ago, but my inbox just fel asleep,
so I didn't get all the info I would have liked to get.

Thank you in advance for any info.

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I don't have a virus program on my RCA Galileo Pro Android
tablet, and I do really like it. It works too. I had been
negligent to check notifications.
After I had it for about a month, I did - TWENTY UPDATES! I
let them run, and you can bet I check notifications every
day now.

Best from,


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James wrote in path:

"please let me ask you just one more question? Do most
Android user's install antivirus on their devices?"

This one is a touchy subject! Personally, I don't use any
virus checkers on my Android toys! I've been with Android
for nearly four and half years, I have had NO INCIDENCES
WITH VIRUSES to this very minute. I have installed all
manners of aps on my devices with no problems; it has not
bothered me whether or not the apps I installed were secured
or otherwise. My toys keep working flawlessly and no virus
checkers of any kind.

If installing one makes you feel more comfortable, please
feel free to do so. Whilst there are several virus checkers
on the Android platform, the two common ones I have heard of
are Avast and LookOut! Feel free to install any or both of
these and play with them before settling for the one you
like better.

Some virus checkers in Android land can be battery hogs,
meaning that they may drain your battery far faster than you
want to see happen. I don't believe that the two mentioned
here at that way; but, again, I don't use a virus checker in
any of my Android toys! May be I am postponing the
inevitable, but I sure want to LEAVE well alone especially
if it's working as expected.

More questions? Please don't hesitate to keep sending them
through. There are a number of Androideans in the house who
will step up to the plate if I can't get to them fast
enough! All the best sire.

Denver, Colorado

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