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Wow, I couldn't even imagine being without my LNS book player, as I never go
to bed without it! Doesn't the books use a lot of space on your tablet, or
do you just delete each book after reading? Does the tablet sound as good
as the LNS player, as I love a great sound when I'm reading a good book?
Does reading books run down the batteries on the tablet, or do you just keep
it plugged in? I ask these questions because I am seriously considering
buying a tablet.

Thank you for any information.

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I also think I will send my nls book player back to the library, because I
just use my tablet and android phone to listen to nls bard books now, and it
works very good.

On 6/30/2017 7:55 PM, Carolyn Arnold wrote:
Yes you can. It is on my Google tablet. The good thing about Android
is that it is very flexible. You can get all kind of apps from the
Google Play Store. You can change a lot of your icons. I probably know
less about it than anyone, so Olusegun and Joshua can fill you in more
on what all it can do for you.

Best from,


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Thanks for this post.

Can I use Google Chrome as my web browser with marshmallow?

James B

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James, Android can be fun! It will be a brand-new learning curve, but
I know you can weather the storm and become a better guru than I at

If it's possible, grab a book by one of my dear sisters, Ana Garza and
Jim Meddaugh! It's titled Getting Started with Android and is
available from the National Braille Press in various formats. This
book can and will help you GET YOUR FEET on the Android side of

Also, please plan on coming to Android with an open-mind!
It's not iOS, and I don't see the lines of demarcation getting erased
anytime soon.

Please also consider joining the eyes-free mailing list on
GoogleGroups; here, you will meet a lot of knowledgeable folks who can
help you faster than I can. Be aware that sometimes tempers do flare,
but if, like me, can ignore some of the cacophony, you'll become a
teacher and senior apostle of Android before I put my shoes on to
begin running!

To subscribe, please send a blank message to:

Also on the list, Talkback developers lurk. They answer questions and
provide helpful tips. Talkback is independent of the OS; as such, no
need waiting for an OS upgrade in order to get one for Talkback.
Talkback 6 is currently in the beta cycle.

I hope the foregoing is helpful in some shape or form.

Denver, Colorado

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