Article: Google Will No Longer Scan Gmail for Ad Targeting - The New York Times #article


For all the naysayers, apparently privacy is in fact a big concern for many users these days. Even Google has received enough criticism that they're finally going to be changing their policy of scanning private E-mail for the purpose of targeting you with personalized advertisement.

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Hi Olusegun,
Thank you thank you for all this great information! I'm just so tired and
discouraged and disappointed with Microsoft, Windows, Outlook, JAWS. I
already paid FS for the MSA agreement for the next 2 versions of JAWS, so
after next year, I just won't pay the MSA. FS is just to exspensive, and if
I can get another screen reader that can do most of the samethings as JAWS,
so be it! I am seriously considering learning and using NVDA as my screen
reader. I thought about downloading Windows 10 on to my Windows 7 64 bit
pc, but after hearing so much about how Microsoft has the ability to remove
an application from my own pc, and after hearing so much about how Windows
10 will actually force their updates right on to my own pc, and I understand
there are work arounds for these issues as well, but if they can remove an
application, and force updates, where is my privacy and rights as a
consumer? Oh yeah, I do get to pay for the pc though! Smile! These are
just some reasons I am considering leaving Microsoft. I was considering
purchasing a Android tablet, because wow, now, I'm a little disappointed
with Apple, and the reason I say this is because Apple is very exspensive.
Besides, I know when I send a text message from my iPhone, what ever I say
in that text is going to go across Apple, and Apple says this is because
this is there way of trying to improve Siri. So, I say again, where is my
privacy and rights.
I'm still not for sure which tablet I'm going to purchase yet though. I
want to research all I can before purchasing any tablet, although, I was
considering an iPad as well, but then I'm still with Apple!
Just my personal opinion.

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Janet, I am slowly KICKING Windows and its associated screen readers down
the drains and gutters; I am electing to switch to Android full-time.

As has been suggested, if you feel drawn to Android, the Galileo Pro from
Walmart is indeed a good buy. It runs on Marshmallow and you can use an SD
card to expand its storage space.

I believe Josh only referenced the Windows tablet from RCA just in case you
might be interested in taking a hard look at one.

Curiously, since you seem to be more familiar with the iOS platform, how
come you're not electing to purchase an iOS-based tablet? My curiosity
notwithstanding, having something close to the best of both worlds might not
be a bad idea! For me, I tend to STICK with what I have tested and found to
be as reliable as it gets. I didn't vegetate towards iOS because I dislike
overtly proprietary stuff and I love to explore, it's my way of learning how
to THINK outside the box!

Denver, Colorado

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