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You just raised a good question about disabling cookies although, I wonder
would this make a difference? This tracking issue just irritates me!! Any
thoughts anyone?

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I agree, and I think the other stuff, talking about living off the grid and
all that is extreme. We were talking about a specific thing: being tracked
on your computer. Can't we disable tracking cookies anymore? I haven't
gone in to check that, actually. Pam.

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I think that is an overly dramatic and extreme response to a simple desire
to reduce internet/operating system tracking. I don't want to live in a
bubble, I just don't want everything I do on the internet or my computer to
be logged/tracked.
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As my husband says, if one wants complete privacy, one could
try living in isolated area. Grow all food. Depend on wood
for fuel. Obtain commodities by bartering. Keep no bank
account, no credit card, no electronic device, no utilities.
Go to the river for water. Make your own candles, all that
stuff, and maybe, just maybe, you could have some privacy.

Best from,

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Hi Janet:

You'll probably punch me for this twisted logic, and that
will be ok it might help me wake up and smell some more

I was somewhat private in mama's womb even though certain
gadgets were used to keep a spying eye on me. I lost
privacy at birth, and will try getting it back when my
casket is closed for good, laid in its 9 feet of dust and,
some graveyard person makes the rounds at closing the grave
when everyone has gone away! I'd have to hope that in the
process of closing my grave, the service provider won't open
my casket and try to yank out my phone thus making it hard
to make phone calls to anyone from my new residence, <LOL>!

Right now, our federal government is asking for a list of
voter registrations from every state that will include the
last digits of our social security numbers, our dates of
birth, address, voting records, et al.
So, dear sister, this privacy thing, in my view will always
be a HIT-&-MISS!

As one who hops around quite a bit due to what I label
Restless Legs and feet Syndrome--sorry I coined this one
just as I coined waitiosis--I am CONSTANTLY RANSACKED at the
airport! I can't use SkyHop to check my bags prior to going
through T S A. Why? My name! Thank you Mrs. Government or
constantly HAUNTING me like an elk! Sadly, if I dare say
so, this only happens to me in my country. In Europe and
South America, I have been treated with more decency. At
PHL--Philadelphia--City of Brethrenly love--I had no LOVE
extended at the airport. I told the T S A agent that it was
OK to STRIP ME NAKED publicly if it satisfied his ego and
made him happier than a lark. Through it all though, I
weather the storm and get things done along with my cane now
showing her age! May be I should consider getting a guide
dog; however, I don't want to deal with quarantine rules
across far too many ponds!

So, there it is; I can't think of any other spin to put on
it when it comes to addressing privacy issues! English
coined us a great word, but what exactly does it mean? This
wandering mind, body and soul will most certainly love to
know! So, don't let privacy concerns make you a prisoner
especially when you are not one in your beautiful heart!
Keep marching on, knocking walls that block the path into
smitherings. It's what I try to do, and I am loving every
chance I get at being able to do this.

Denver, Colorado

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