Re: Ok Google on an iPhone.


Hi Olusegun,
I really don't know what the problem might be that I can't get Ok Google to
tell me anything other than the time or the day. I also checked all the
settings, and I'm sure I have them set correctly. I did notice in your
message, you referred to Google as GoogleAssistant, but when I was in the
app store, there were Google Search and GoogleAssistant. I downloaded
Google Search. Should I have downloaded GoogleAssistant instead? I've ask
this question to other people, and they don't know either.
Thank you

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Janet wrote:

"I have an iPhone 6 with the latest update, and I downloaded Ok Google from
the app store, but I can only get Ok Google to tell me the time of day. I
went online and researched Ok Google, and they say it is fine for an iOS
phone, but can't get it to tell me anything other than the time of day."

Oh dear! Is there a setting you need to adjust? I would not know on an iOS
device 'cause I don't play ball with one. But, I do have a number of
friends on both platforms and the GoogleAssistant does play ball well in iOS
hills and mountain tops!

I'll have my friends dig up a thing or two, and I'll post in this space as
soon as I have something down to some kind of science! Hang in there
though, a better mind-set than mine might equally beat me to the punch!

Denver, Colorado

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