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I don't believe there is anything for android, either, though. I mean, team viewer sort of works, but it didn't allow me to see the other end's tablet, so that kinda defeated the purpose.

On 05/07/17 1:29 AM, Carlos wrote:
This is what happens when there's no competition. Notice that almost every Windows screen reader has remote access functionality. What incentive does Apple have to include such a powerful feature? VoiceOver is the only screen reader available for the Mac and you're stuck with it.
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Hi Matt, yeah you would think that there would be something like
that out there but so far I don't believe that there is. I will
definitely do some checking around and see if there are any Mac
users that no of search capability and see if there is some ways to
do something like this. I'll get back with you on Ted talk whenever
I come back with a solution. As I'm sure that there are seriously
needing such service.
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On Jul 4, 2017, at 5:58 PM, Matt <
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Thanks . was asking for someone else. Just another reason for me
not to get
a mac. You would think enough blind people would have requested
this from
apple this feature.

Thanks, <>

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Hi Matt, no this is not possible. The only thing that you can do,
if share
your screams somebody else through third party applications. Such
as zoom
more even Skype. I hope this helps.
Joseph Hudson

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On Jul 4, 2017, at 2:48 PM, Matt <
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Can you do a tendon on mac like you can on windows with jaws? Another
words with VO?

Thanks, <>

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