Re: question for you all mac users out there

Rajmund <brajmund2000@...>

I don't know if it's above JFW or NVDA, but from what I've played with it, it's way above narrator. there are still stuff like reading dialogs, that narrator can't do, and that is just a basic example. and voice over works in third party apps, from what I know; narrator still struggles...

On 05/07/17 5:17 AM, Rob wrote:
Matt <> wrote:
Ok so this is something I think needs to be address. Or do Apple think Blind
users is not capable of doing this?
Probably more like they think there's no need of it. VO is only a basic screen reader after all. From what I hear, it's barely above Narrator in windows 10, although, of course, you can't compare the two operating systems. VO only provides access to the basic apps. I'm not sure a blind person can get the full money's worth from a 2 and 3 thousand dollar mac.
If I'm wrong and VO is on par with JFW or something now, please correct me.

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