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Steve Matzura

Hey Carlos, that's a good gotcha to know about! How silly of them, ya

On Thu, 6 Jul 2017 17:35:06 -0400, you wrote:

That information even translates to Win7PE. Although not Win10PE because the developers wouldn't put the effort into including support for USB audio.
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do you have an external sound card or headphones? They should work if the internal device requires a driver it can't find. USB sound cards or headphones usually play even if their software isn't installed.

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From: Steve Matzura
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What version of Windows 7 on the Dell? SP1, but I don't know what
patch date. ON the Gigabyte machine, everything up-to-date.

I'm thinking maybe the Dell boot was successful, but for whatever
reason there's no audio. I will have to get some visually-oriented
assistance to find out what's really happening. There is, of course,
the possibility that the disk did NOT boot because the boot device
order needs changing. That machine's CD/DVD drive is so quiet, you
practically need a stethoscope to hear it turn! LOL.

The Gigabyte machine is another matter. The owner has useful vision,
which is how I know about the four passes and the green screen flash.
That one's the real mystery.

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>What version of Windows were the two machines running? For the record,
>Win7PE works on both my Dell XPS 8700 and my old custom built Gigabyte based
>system with no special modifications or drivers.
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>I've been using this great tool for, well, I forget exactly how long,
>but a long long time. The other day, I ran into the very first pair of
>machines on which the expanded ISO would not boot. One is a Dell
>Inspiron, which may be the reason why, since Dell machines are
>notorious for requiring their own drivers for *EVERYTHING*, but the
>other was a homebrew, Gigabyte motherboard, Realtek AC97 audio chip
>onboard, etc. The Dell machine is probably going to wind up being a
>non-starter, but the Gigabyte machine should have worked. The burned
>DVD definitely did something--the screen displayed the "loading files"
>message, and a progress bar ran for what appeared to be four passes. I
>think it was in the middle of the fourth pass, the screen flashed a
>bright green, the progress bar filled to 100%, then everything
>stopped. Any thoughts on this, or is it just not worth pursuing and
>using the Windows 10 PE to do stuff like run the Terabyte Drive Image
>Backup and Restore Suite (a.k.a. Image for Windows) which was the
>original intent of using the Win7PE?

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