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David Ferrin <dpf.1996@...>

I used the version for windows 10 this afternoon and it picked up my external sound card without a problem at all.

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From: Steve Matzura
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An external sound card is definitely worth a try. I'll see if the
client has one. But I'm doubtful. Will report back.

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do you have an external sound card or headphones? They should work if the internal device requires a driver it can't find. USB sound cards or headphones usually play even if their software isn't installed.

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From: Steve Matzura
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What version of Windows 7 on the Dell? SP1, but I don't know what
patch date. ON the Gigabyte machine, everything up-to-date.

I'm thinking maybe the Dell boot was successful, but for whatever
reason there's no audio. I will have to get some visually-oriented
assistance to find out what's really happening. There is, of course,
the possibility that the disk did NOT boot because the boot device
order needs changing. That machine's CD/DVD drive is so quiet, you
practically need a stethoscope to hear it turn! LOL.

The Gigabyte machine is another matter. The owner has useful vision,
which is how I know about the four passes and the green screen flash.
That one's the real mystery.

On Thu, 6 Jul 2017 11:09:45 -0400, you wrote:

What version of Windows were the two machines running? For the record,
Win7PE works on both my Dell XPS 8700 and my old custom built Gigabyte based
system with no special modifications or drivers.
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I've been using this great tool for, well, I forget exactly how long,
but a long long time. The other day, I ran into the very first pair of
machines on which the expanded ISO would not boot. One is a Dell
Inspiron, which may be the reason why, since Dell machines are
notorious for requiring their own drivers for *EVERYTHING*, but the
other was a homebrew, Gigabyte motherboard, Realtek AC97 audio chip
onboard, etc. The Dell machine is probably going to wind up being a
non-starter, but the Gigabyte machine should have worked. The burned
DVD definitely did something--the screen displayed the "loading files"
message, and a progress bar ran for what appeared to be four passes. I
think it was in the middle of the fourth pass, the screen flashed a
bright green, the progress bar filled to 100%, then everything
stopped. Any thoughts on this, or is it just not worth pursuing and
using the Windows 10 PE to do stuff like run the Terabyte Drive Image
Backup and Restore Suite (a.k.a. Image for Windows) which was the
original intent of using the Win7PE?

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