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I can't see any reason why he should view his post as copyrighted material because he has given a solution which is already in existence, not his original material.  If anything, Freedom scientific should be the one banging the anziety drums.  Just a pain in the bum?  Cheers!

On 6/7/2017 9:34 PM, Carlos wrote:
I can't even wrap my brain around his kind of mentality.  I've never thought of this as a competition.  Of course it's always nice when people are appreciative or give thanks, but providing free support on mailing lists is hardly a road to fame or success.  And technical knowledge is certainly not any indication of superiority.  We all put our pants on one leg at a time in the morning.  Unless you're extremely limber and flexible that is.
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From: Gene
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Also, I ssuspect many laptops don't have this key or if they provide the same functionality, it is by using two keys such as fn and something else.  Thus, your solution is probably far more broadly applicable. 
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From: Carlos
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Concern for copyright infringement was clearly not the motivation for his request.  What is there to copyright?  He provided a basic key remapping solution which he may or may not have even originated.  It's not as if he reinvented the wheel.
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From: Gene
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You may give him the benefit of the doubt if you like but he is condescending, threatened by other knowledgeable users, constantly finds fault or nitpicks at others messages to show that he has superior knowledge, and his attitudes and behavior caused a lot of havoc on the Blindtech list awhile ago.  He doesn't care if his messages are copyrighted.  He just wants the glory of people knowing that he knew an answer. 
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Hi all,

I don't know the gentleman at all, Carlos, and you may have good reason
to complain about his arrogance et al.  However, since I don't know
him, I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt.  Apparently, he is
conscious of the fact that his posts are copyrighted, as per U.S.
copyright law.  He is asking that you cite his post properly.  this
might seem arrogant because none of us do this.  He is, however, within
his rights to do so.

Citing information properly is one of those things which is ignored
most of the time by list members all over the Net.  However, it is the
ultimate rationale behind the prohibition against cross-posting.  The
right thing to do, if you find something on a list which isn't an
announcement and isn't meant for wide distribution is to ask permission
before reposting it.  Do people do this?  No, they don't but they
should.  Is anyone caught and fined or arrested for violation of
copyright law referring to Internet postings, no.  It's usually too
small a violation and just goes under the radar.

ICORS makes particular note of copyright law when applied to list
postings in its rules and regs.  We who've been listowners for St.
Johns University's SJUVM and later with ICORS are familiar with the
copyright regs.

Now, This Free Tech guy may or may not be arrogant, as I say, I don't
know him, but the copyright laws are a fact.  He just may be particular
about his own posts.  Anal, probably, arrogant, maybe.

It is good info, though.  I've saved it.  Have a great day all.

Ann P.

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> Sigh. Arrogant and obnoxious as usual. He can't possibly offer a
> solution without insisting you announce to the world that it was
> provided by him LOL.

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> Hi All,
> I received the following set of steps off list from Joseph Free Tech
> for using 1 key to tell time & date. This looks like a very good
> approach for the 1 handed typists.
> Take care. Mike. Go Dodgers!
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> From: Joseph Freetech <mailto:joseph.freetech@...>
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> Sent: Wednesday, July 05, 2017 6:47 PM
> Subject: Saying system time with JAWS
> Hi Mike,

> Regarding your JAWS SayTime and date question...

> I'll provide the following solution with the condition that you convey to
> others that it was Joseph Freetech who provided the solution. :)

> I have been suggesting this solution to others for a few years now, and I've
> never heard any complaints, in fact, I've heard amazement after the person
> presses the hotkey. In the instructions below you will be configuring the
> PauseBreak key to act as the Insert+F12 key. There is absolutely no need for
> modifying scripts--you're simply adding an additional keyboard assignment,
> which should not get in your way whatsoever--unless the person is using the
> PauseBreak key for something else.

> You will be modifying the JAWS keyboard manager.
> 1. Press JawsKey+8 (on the numrow) to open the JAWS Keyboard Manager.
> 2. Press ControlShift+D to open the default keyboard manager.
> 3. Tab to show the list of all keyboard assignments.
> 4. quickly type the following letters until you find the following script:
> SaySystemTime.
> 5. Press Control+A to activate the following item: add keystroke.
> 6. Press the PauseBreak key then tab to Ok and press enter.
> Note: on a normal 104 key external keyboard, the PauseBreak key is the third
> key on the 3-pack of keys to the top right of most standard keyboards. If
> you can't find it, turn on the JAWS help to locate this key.
> Note: use the JAWS cursor and read the entire screen to insure you have
> assigned the PauseBreak key and no other key.
> 7. After pressing on Ok, you will be asked by JAWS if you are certain you
> want to modify the JAWS keyboard manager, so simply press enter on Yes.
> 8. Press the PauseBreak once, and you should hear the time. Press the
> PauseBreak key twice quickly within half a second of time, and you should
> hear the date.
> Note: this also works on laptops, though it might be a little harder to find
> the PauseBreak key if you don't have sighted help.

> Please let me know if you have any difficulties with this process. :)

> Joseph the free tech guy!
> All are welcome to write me off list if absolutely any help is needed
> joseph.freetech@... <mailto:joseph.freetech@...>


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