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Which Insert key are you using? The one on the numeric keypad or the extended Insert on the six pack? Extended Insert is fairly close to F12 so it's not that much of a stretch.

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How do you press Insert+F12 with one hand on a desktop keyboard? I can't do it without a stretch. Cheers!

On 6/7/2017 10:34 PM, Carlos wrote:
I always use one hand to check the time/date with Insert+F12. I suppose it would be different on a laptop where you might be forced to use the CapsLock key as a modifier, but in that case you could for example remap the time/date script to use F1 instead. In either case, pressing a shortcut will always be faster and more efficient.
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Yes, but I thought we were talking about doing this one handed and it
seems easier to just tab and press if you only have one hand.

On 7/6/17, Gene <gsasner@...> wrote:
Why do you do it the hard way instead of using the screen-reader command?
Also, you aren't moving to the system tray efficiently. The Windows
shortcut to move to the system tray is Windows key b. You may well already
know this and find it inconvenient to use because of your keyboard layout,
but that's the most efficient way to get to the system tray.

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Hi there!

When I want the time or date or both, I simply tab to the notification area
and arrow up twice, and there it is. It may be a bit different on other
systems but that is how it is done on mine. Just a bit of info! Catch Ya
Later! de


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