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Pamela Dominguez

It reminds me of when I was taking a class at Barouch, and my computer messed up in the middle of a test. When it was not doing what it was supposed to, the teacher came and stood behind me and watched me pressing the correct keys, and saw what happened. She had to give it to me, because she knew I was doing what I was supposed to. It was the computer that wasn't. Pam.

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Oh Carlos, you're singin' my song! I don't know how these remote Mac
tutors do it. I tried it once and failed so miserably at it that I
thought of never doing it again. Everything I told my client to do did
not work. I am convinced to this day that the client was pressing
wrong key combinations, but I had no way to prove it because I can't
connect to a remote Mac accessibly.

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Technical support via E-mail or the phone is not the same as support via
remote access. If a person has little or no technical aptitude, they may
not always be able to follow complex instructions very well, especially when
dealing with more advanced issues. If it were that simple, there would be
no need for such a thing as remote support.
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Alright man, now you're buy enough a bigger issue then probably what you can
chew off. LOL. Smiles! Now let me get down to the nitty-gritty of this and
hopefully this will provide you with a little bit more help and assistance
for this friend/individual. Anybody who owns a Mac can provide technical
assistance to one that has a Mac. For instance myself, I give one-on-one
support everyday two people that are needing help with their Mac. And I
either walk to doing instructions, via email or the old-fashioned telephone
if they're so interested. All and let me just remind you, that my services
are free and less I have to come and actually work with the person. Which is
never ever had to be the case since I've started doing such services which
is a blessing for them. My thingies is giving back to the community, so if
they're looking for any kind of technical support, please feel free send
them my way I will give them as much knowledge as I possibly can. It also
depends on what they're wanting to do with the Mac and all that kind of good
stuff too. So we can definitely get the ball rolling in that department. So
if they're interested, please give them my information which is below in my
signature. I will definitely be looking to hear from either you or them your
choice. Having a tandem session, is not always necessary or needed with the
Mac. Most blind people can comprehend keystrokes in order to get the job
Joseph Hudson

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On Jul 5, 2017, at 12:07 AM, Matt <> wrote:

Well this is not about windows versa Mac or did I intend to go that way.
They both have their place. It is about having accessible remote access
for the blind. As a person who might consider the Mac to me this is a big
deal when getting tech support or training on the mac from someone other
than a sited user from Apple. That is my point.


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Well, VoiceOver is solid enough, well built and well interfaced with a
good enough quality sound, and sometimes you know, having just one quality
product can make life so much easier then having to choose what is right
for one's nheeds because let's face it, however many the choices are, one
cannot determine which is best because one screen reader, for example,
serves better in certain areas and not others.
Which is why, for example, most of us on windows have two screen readers
to make up for one or the other's quirks. I have not known my Mac book
pro to Hang or have blue screens while in use, or Voiceover glitching at
awkward moments, while windows screen readers tend to lag more often,
especially when something memory intensive is going on. I am not
advocating that the Mac or VoiceOver is perfect, but it seems to me that
if a product can fulfill most needs in it's eco system, then why change it
by having another product just for competition sake? Cheers!

On 5/7/2017 11:09 AM, Joseph Hudson wrote:
Apple also now has the capability to view one's screen and they do a very
good job at it. They can see what's on your screen, but they can control
your device which I think is a good thing. With windows, they can
actually bully take over the entire system. And do whatever they want
with it. I think in Apple's case, they believed in respecting one's
privacy and just letting you navigate the device yes, you can get stuck
in but unlike Microsoft, who makes computers or HP or any of those
companies, you can actually walk into an Apple store, if you have an
issue going on with your computer and get it fixed right there. Whatever
comes to Windows, you either have to would you think is a good thing.
call somebody for assistance or take it to a third-party fixer to get it
fixed. Not in the case of Apple products.
On Jul 4, 2017, at 7:29 PM, Carlos <> wrote:

This is what happens when there's no competition. Notice that almost
every Windows screen reader has remote access functionality. What
incentive does Apple have to include such a powerful feature? VoiceOver
is the only screen reader available for the Mac and you're stuck with
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From: Joseph Hudson
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Hi Matt, yeah you would think that there would be something like that
out there but so far I don't believe that there is. I will definitely do
some checking around and see if there are any Mac users that no of
search capability and see if there is some ways to do something like
this. I'll get back with you on Ted talk whenever I come back with a
solution. As I'm sure that there are seriously needing such service.

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On Jul 4, 2017, at 5:58 PM, Matt <> wrote:

Thanks . was asking for someone else. Just another reason for me not
to get a mac. You would think enough blind people would have
requested this from apple this feature.


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Hi Matt, no this is not possible. The only thing that you can do, if
share your screams somebody else through third party applications.
Such as zoom more even Skype. I hope this helps.
Joseph Hudson

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On Jul 4, 2017, at 2:48 PM, Matt <> wrote:

Can you do a tendon on mac like you can on windows with jaws?
words with VO?


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