Re: Elbraille question

Allen West

The ElBraille does not require JAWS Professional. I like it better
than some of the other new braille displays that are hitting the
market because ir is considerably cheaper wor what it does. The others
are in access of $6000. and some of them are running Androids Lollipop
for the operating system. The ElBraille is running Windows 10 and a
160 hard drive.


On 7/7/17, Allen West <alwest0324@...> wrote:
The ElBraille is $1795. You will need either the Focus 14 or 40 Blue.
It is currently only available for the 14, which costs $995. If you
have a Focus 14 already, and JAWS 18. then you will only invest the
$1795. If you need to upgrade your JAWS license, then that cost would
have to be figured into the final cost. It will be considerably less
than $6500. If you can't find the pricing online. call 800-444-4443.


On 7/7/17, skagithorselover <skagithorselover@...> wrote:

looking to maybe purchase the Elbraille. Where might I find pricing
information and can it be preordered?

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