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Re the query about Apache and other companies, no you're on the right track - the history of what is now both Open Office and Libre Office is long and complex.  How to Geek did an article a couple of years ago on the differences between those two suites and a brief history (not from an accessibility point of view, but interesting nonetheless):



On Sun, Jul 9, 2017 at 3:54 AM, Josh Kennedy <joshknnd1982@...> wrote:
I heard that the free open source libreoffice works better. and you can also use google sheets in firefox with NVDA and download a local copy of the spreadsheet to your machine as an .xlsx file.

On 7/8/2017 6:27 AM, Angelo Sonnesso wrote:
It works fine with NVDA, and it is office compatable if you need it.

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Hi, have you considered Apache Open Office?  I have no experience with it
and NVDA, but its a knock off of Office including its version of excel and
word.  Best of all its free.
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I used the one with Google Docs.  It has some accessibility features
that  can be enabled.

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I have chosen to no longer use Office.  However, there are occasions
when I want to use a Spread Sheet.

Are there any Spread Sheets other than Excel that will work with Jaws
or NVDA?


Grumpy Dave

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