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correction: the touch runs kitkat, 4.4.2. to confirm, please go in settings, about tablet, on your touch, and report back with your android version.
and it does not change the fact, that certain apps, like the newest version of talkback, will simply refuse to run on the touch, despite the new elements from newer android versions. it's like selling XP with your custom screen reader, only to not be able to run the latest JAWS on it.

On 08/07/17 2:00 PM, Ann Parsons wrote:
Hi all,
Let's get our information straight here. First, The BrailleNote Touch goes for $549.00. I think the Hims Polaris goes for about the same amount. The one from France is the only one that's $6,500.00. You can get the B2G for $2,600.00.
As for the of't repeated grumbles about the version of Android used by Humanware, if you listen to Greg Stilson's podcasts, he makes it very clear that they are using Lollypop as a base for their product, but they are also able to use parts of the latest OS to meld with their own software, so that what you get is the best of both worlds. You should really listen to the podcast instead of parroting misinformation.
If you like your second generation Pac Mate, more power to you. I wouldn't want a cobbled together a la carte machine, but that's me. I repeat, why do you think the original Pac Mate failed? I'd be interested to learn how the connectivity is on this new kluge.
Ann P.

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