Re: help making a shelter wall

Rajmund <brajmund2000@...>

1) till you try crafting a net, with a free account, please, don't say a shelter is hard to craft. ) will have the instructions for you.

On 09/07/17 6:14 AM, Josh Kennedy wrote:
hi I need some help making a shelter wall in survive the wild audio game for windows .
I made carved wood, planks, shelter walls, sticky shelter walls, must have done something wrong though because I could not make the shelter floor. so went to the mainland, dropped off my unfinnished shelter, killed a bear and a wolf with a spear, went to the weed pile near the mountain to rest get my energy back up and before that got more wood and branches from trees on the island mainland. Once my energy is back to 1000 I'll go back to the beach by the ocean and try again to make a shelter. I got one more shot otherwise gotta go to the fishing village try to find more survival packs for glue bottles. this shelter is the most difficult thing to craft in the survive the wild audio game at . any tips would be helpful.

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