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That is something that you would have to determine yourself. It depends on how much you think you would use the phone connected through the data plan. Considering that while you are at home, friends and family houses, you can stay connected to their home Wi-Fi network which uses no data, lessens the need for a certain amount of data. I only buy 1 GB per month because I rarely use my data, and what I do use is very limited. My plan also has roll over data, so what I do not use this month carries over and is added to next month’s 1 GB. Mostly, some of the apps I use require an internet connection, but I do not like to surf the internet on my phone as the   experience is not the same as using a computer. I also live in a pretty rural area, so I do not use public transportation and rarely go into town when I am not with someone to act as my guide. There are however, people who use their phones for navigation and other informational and accessibility uses who use multiple GB of data per month.






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Thinking about getting a smart phone. How can I determine how much data I might need? Comcast sell 1 GB for $12 mo or unlimited for $45.

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