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Peter Spitz

The email address to join the Blind Buy,Sell,Trade group is:

On 7/14/17, Michael Boyd <> wrote:
Can you please provide a link to this Blind BST group? Some people may wish
to subscribe. Thanks.


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As for finding an unlocked phone, there is a BLIND BST (Buy, Sell,
Trade) group that often has people selling their phones.

On 7/13/17, Joseph Hudson <> wrote:
So when did this happen? Comcast has Service now? I will definitely have
take a look as were looking for them a new cell phone provider. And if
truly unlimited everything like what you've stated here, then it will
definitely be something that we'll have to look into. Now as for what
stated, about the headphone jack being gone, there is a company that
made a lightning too headphone adapter, that allows you to plug in the
headphone cord, and the lightning cable to charger iPhone. So before you
Think about starts waiting till the newer models come out I think you
want to think again. As they're all going to be made like that now. Apple
truly going away from the headphone jack and not bringing it back. Just
your information.
On Jul 13, 2017, at 9:32 PM, Michael Boyd <>

Personally I am going to wait for the iPhone 8 to come out before
upgrading. There some things about the 7 that aren’t too great, like the
inability to plug in a pair of earbuds. You have to connect them through
Bluetooth. You can probably pick up an iPhone 6 at a pretty good price
from Apple or one of the cellular providers, but you might as well go
the latest version to have it stay compatible with the software for a
longer period of time. Most providers have some sort of payment plan now
if you wanted to go that route. Comcast now has cellular service, and
their prices for their plans are really good as compared to AT&T
orVerizon. Unlimited data through them is only $45/month, and unlimited
talk and text starts at around $12/month from what I read on their


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Subject: [TechTalk] getting I phones

Hi does anyone know where you can get I phones at good prices? I was
thinking about an SE. feel free to email me at

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