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I feel extremely lucky right now. my used PC purchase appears to have been more fortunate. the only thing is I can't put it to second screen, which of all things, is not the seller's fault.

On 11/07/17 7:42 AM, Eleni Vamvakari wrote:
I bought all but one of my computers that way and never had a problem.
On 11/07/2017, Gene <> wrote:
I would never buy a used computer from an individual.


From: Eleni Vamvakari
Sent: Tuesday, July 11, 2017 12:28 AM
Subject: Re: [TechTalk] Files Missing in Netbook

Restore was another folder that I had to add because it wasn't there.
I think I'll ll just do the usual and send this off to my friend. I'm
sending him my other machines anyway. I was just hoping to have
something decent to use while I waited for the other ones. I do, but
it's extraordinarily old, even for me! Maybe, I'll keep one here and
send it later. But if all goes well, I should receive at least one
computer back in a day or two. At any rate, The seller of this Asus
said nothing about modifying the system. He said that he wiped it and
installed one or two things, but that was it. I even had to go into
the registry and delete his show drive letter first key because the
drives listed in my Computer looked strange. For example, my flash
drive should say Sampson F. Instead, it said F Sampson, but I
couldn't access it by hitting F. That worked well, and it was the
only thing that I changed in the registry. I never work with it
unless I have step by step instructions. Returning to the subject of
the missing files, they were not in System32. There wasn't even a
Windows NT folder. I had to add that as well!

On 11/07/2017, Gene <> wrote:
I'm not sure why you are having problems with Wordpad. I can send you
files necessary for Word Pad. You can place them in a folder. You don't
have to remove the Word Pad currently installed. You can run the program
pressing enter on the exe file or by creating a shortcut for the exe file
and creating a short cut command for that file.

Also, just because something is missing from accessories doesn't mean the
program is missing. If you look in
you should find a file named rstrui.exe
Create a shortcut for the file or use send to desktop create shortcut.
create a shortcut key so you can run it quickly and conveniently.

I'm not sure where other programs and utilities are but they may all be

As far as something working properly is concerned and then suddenly not,
have you done any disk mmaintenance? Check Disk will correct disk errors
and, if you know where the log is, it will tell you what it did. It may
give you an indication if sectors on the disk have failed. If many have,
that may mean the hard drive is deteriorating and should be replaced.
Carlos can doubtless tell you about other disk health checking utilities
that will tell you a good deal more. But before using a new copy of
and whatever else is causing problems, Check Disk would be a good thing

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From: Eleni Vamvakari
Sent: Monday, July 10, 2017 9:40 PM
Subject: Re: [TechTalk] Files Missing in Netbook

Is that true even for the specific files that are missing, like
Wordpad and system restore rather than the whole folder? If I use an
external cd drive, can I install XP as Windows is running, or use the
Acer recovery disk to do it? What about the recovery built into the
netbook's other drive partition? Can I use it when the system is
running or does this need to be done when it's booting? Perhaps, I
can get someone to help me with that if it's not too complicated.

On 10/07/2017, Carlos <> wrote:
The majority of the installation files are packed into CAB archives

why you won't see most of them despite the similar folder structure on
disc. The files can be extracted, but again I would advise caution due
possible mismatched version conflicts.
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From: "Eleni Vamvakari" <>
To: <>
Sent: Monday, July 10, 2017 8:55 PM
Subject: Re: [TechTalk] Files Missing in Netbook

I just realised that I have an actual XP disk here. I loaded it into
my X61 and although it does have a folder called System32, it only
contains two files. Can I find the things that I need elsewhere on
the disk, and if so, can I simply copy them from the cd to my flash

On 10/07/2017, Eleni Vamvakari <> wrote:
I recently bought an Asus EEE Pc1000H from Ebay. It came with the
original box, cd, manual,, cleaning cloth, all packaging, and even a
sleeve. Plus, the netbook is in excellent condition. However, when I
tried to turn on Narrator in order to be able to navigate to My
Computer and start installing NVDA, it wouldn't work. I even tried an
external keyboard, thinking that maybe the layout on this machine was
different from the usual one. Finally, I was able to install NVDA
itself (after a few guesses as to the drive letter) by typing
Windows-r and typing f:nvda.exe (I renamed the file to make this step
easier). I later discovered that not only is narrator missing, but so
are several other things in accessories, including Wordpad, which I
use on a daily basis, and even System Restore. That said, Revo did
say that it had created a restore point when I uninstalled some
software. Using the virtual XP machine in my Thinkpad X61, I copied
the accessories shortcuts from my Start Menu folde and several of the
.exe files from system32 to a flash drive and then copied them to my
netbook, but the programs still won't run. Is it safe for me to do
the same with the entire System32 folder if I don't replace any of the
existing files in the 1000H? I have over a thousand in the X61 that
aren't present in the new machine, but I am not sure if it's due to
programs that I installed, to more things missing, or to the fact that
I installed Service Pack 4 on it. If nothing else, I can create a new
virtual machine with a clean copy of XP and use that folder.
Alternatively, is there any way for me to repair or recover the
default XP configuration in the Asus without sighted asistance? There
is no one here who can help me with such an advance task. I would
need to send the computer from New Jersey to New Orleans to have my
friend do it, unless he can somehow do so remotely.



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