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Rajmund <brajmund2000@...>

it's no secret, that they have lied to thousands of customers, and are continuing to do so. and if you try anything, they have the money enough to wash it away.

On 13/07/17 2:01 PM, Olusegun -- Victory Associates LTD, Inc. wrote:
Chief Rajmund wrote in part:
"correction: the touch runs kitkat, 4.4.2. to confirm, please go in
settings, about tablet, on your touch, and report back with your android
and it does not change the fact, that certain apps, like the newest version
of talkback, will simply refuse to run on the touch, despite the new
elements from newer android versions."
Preach it sir! I've written on that as extensively as has been possible. I
don't know why Humanware and its sisters simply won't be honest in their
dealings with their customer base. Imagine what would have happened to
Humanware if their so-called Android tablet had been in the mainstream!
Subway Sandwich was sued sometime back for claiming to offer a foot-long
sandwich when, upon real measurement by a buyer, it was short by less than
four inches or thereabout. Doctor Associates, Inc., its parent company, was
forced to settle the issue out of court.
The sad reality is that Humanware and its associates succeed in confusing
unsuspecting blind individuals who may wish to try out a new OS! Oh well, I
guess the savvy ones amongst us will continue to brave the hurricanes and
tornados and dip fingers in blue fin ranch dressing at all times!
Denver, Colorado

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