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if you can turn off the HIMS screen reader, though, talkback should install. not to mention that just because it's their own screen reader, they can still add these in the future. the thing looks to be put together of newer software, and newer materials, compared to the touch, so there's hope. and to be fair, 5.1 is still lollipop, after all.
so they didn't mislead as much. but there's nothing you, or I, can do, until these people try a mainstream android.

On 13/07/17 2:11 PM, Olusegun -- Victory Associates LTD, Inc. wrote:
Chief Rajmund wrote:
"actually, looking at a friend's polaris, it appears to be on 5.1, not
that's sad! Another disingenuous representation by yet another adaptive
technology company.
Based on info shared and some literature, I had naively assumed that the
Polaris would deploy Talkback as the screen reader of choice. A bitter
taste was left in my shoes when on HIMS list it was finally revealed that
HIMS has its own BAKED-IN screen reader. Those who already have the Polaris
are unable to perform certain Android/Talkback gestures and are beginning to
compare an almost OBSOLETE device with the iOS in the mainstream.
I did manage to caution against such comparisons, but you know, these
companies have a way of CAJOLING the unsuspecting blind! Man, don't I wish
the Blitab were released today? If done, it will truly help me to forget
any of these $6,000-pound gorillas!
Denver, Colorado

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