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Carolyn Arnold

That is interesting. I can out type my husband, he on the
iPhone and I on the little Revere, but on the computer, he
can hold his own with me.

Best from,


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Gene, thanks a ton! Perhaps I already have T9 without even
thinking about it. Why do I say that? When I type on my
Shiny Android toy, I typically don't spell all of the words
correctly especially if the words are NOT derived from a
foreign language which I do throw in in my SMS conversations
with a few souls!

If I type the word "suggest" like this "s g g e s t"
omitting the "u", the autocorrect feature enters the correct
spelling for me. At other times, when I know I am about to
type a word incorrectly, I leave my finger on the screen and
move it past the number keys thus landing on the list of
suggested words. When I find the one I need, I lift my
finger and it is entered into the edit field. All of this
action takes me less than ten seconds at best on a

I'm hoping that was how T9 worked on phones with keypads
back in the days of the likes of N86; I didn't use it then

Denver, Colorado

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