Re: plumbing issue any ideas?


I asked my Dad who is a plumber.. Sounds like there is a leak in the main water line that supplies water to your house. Hoping for your sake if I'm correct it is on the city's side & not in your yard. If in your yard it is going to be expensive to fix. My Dad also suggested that you go outside & remove the cover to the crawl space & listen to see if you hear water running. The leak from what you describe will be pretty bad & you should be able to hear.


hey everyone I have a question. I have my own house. within the past two months you know how when you flush the toilet the water turns on to fill the tank back up? Well first of all, it fills up slower than it used to, second, when I run the bath the toilet filling process nearly comes to a standstill. next, when i run the washer in the basement when the washer is filling up the bath won't fill and toilet won't fill the tank back up unless the washer is done filling first. also washer filling seems to take longer. any ideas?

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