Re: plumbing issue any ideas?

Ann Parsons

Hi all,

Well, I'm not a plumber, so I can't give you any advice except that you've got a water pressure problem. My best advice is to call a plumber. I'd get names from your neighbors or friends. I'd get three estimates if it looks like it's going to take lots of money to fix, and I'd choose either the middle one, or the guy who treats you like a human being instead of like a blind person. If you're really worried about being stiffed, get a neighbor or friend to be with you when the people come, and if you get a contract, do not sign anything unless you have the whole thing read to you, the whole thing, not parts. Do not allow your reader to say, "It says ..." No, no, uh-uh. read the whole thing, every word.

That's my best advice.

Ann P.

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