Re: plumbing issue any ideas?

Dave Mitchel

ask neighbors if they are having the same proboems

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yes before the last few months pressure was fine.

On 7/16/2017 11:31 PM, Dave Mitchel wrote:
was the pressure good before the last couple of months?
ask the city to check the water pressure at the meter.
then you may have to have a plumber check the pressure coming into the house and if there is a difference it may be roots clogging the lines somewhere along the way.
Call the city first if they are your water supplier.

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Subject: [TechTalk] plumbing issue any ideas?

hey everyone I have a question. I have my own house. within the past two
months you know how when you flush the toilet the water turns on to fill
the tank back up? Well first of all, it fills up slower than it used to,
second, when I run the bath the toilet filling process nearly comes to a
standstill. next, when i run the washer in the basement when the washer
is filling up the bath won't fill and toilet won't fill the tank back up
unless the washer is done filling first. also washer filling seems to
take longer. any ideas?

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