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to all who are willing to do this without tech support, here's what you do. you first have to do a complete factory reset on polaris. when that's done, you will see, that most of your polaris apps have vanished into nothingness. at this point, you want to reinstall the firmware. enjoy.

On 18/07/17 2:59 PM, Vicky Collins wrote:
Yes, I'm having the same Play Store issue as you, the one where you get the download pending message when you try to install apps. I did email tech support, and they say it is best for them to work with folks over the phone to correct the problem, in case something goes wrong, so I'm waiting for their phone call. Over on the HIMS notetaker list, when folks bring up the subject of that problem, Jenny, HIMS staff, discourages discussion of the steps to solve it on list, so I've only heard incomplete information there, anywhere from reformatting and resetting to re-installing the firmware. Oh, regarding the HIMS notetaker list, here is the link to their support page that discusses their various lists and how to subscribe:
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Hi Vicky
What play store issue are you having. I had an issue where I couldn't
install aps and I eventually had to do a factory dater reset to fix the
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I'm showing running Android Version, 5.1 and Android security patch level,
May 1, 2017. But, remember, I haven't yet gone through that process of
fixing the Play Store, as I am awaiting a call back from tech support for
instructions, although I guess that shouldn't make a difference in the
Android version.
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Sis Vicky, I'm so angry with HIMS for sending to the market a nearly
obsolete product not quite ready for prime time! Shipment to me will be
delayed for this reason as I have elected to wait until they iron out a few
more silly bugs! They had so much hype back in March, delayed shipping by
an entire month, and still failed miserably in so many areas.
Also, I had hoped for a full-blown Talkback experience; no, I was wrong and,
I feel bad defending it when I did on their list.
A question I'd like to ask you if I may: What version of Lollipop is your
Polaris running? They had touted 5.1.1, but it's possible it could be A
SLIGHT STEP behind. If you'd rather share this info privately, that's great
too. Much thanks and I'll keep helping out on the HIMS list with PURE
ANDROID related issues.
Denver, Colorado

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