Re: jaws question. speech volume.

Michael Mote

Hi there! This volume is controlled by your system. The best way to control it is to pull up your volume mixer. If you go to your search box and type in something like adjust system volume, you should have an option to open the volume controls. There is one in there called JAWS for Windows FS Synth 32. That controls the JAWS volume output. You can use your arrow keys to raise and lower the JAWS volume. You can use the page up and page down keys to raise it by 20%. Hope this helps!

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Subject: [TechTalk] jaws question. speech volume.

For users of jaws.
Some of you can tell me which is the command to increase and decrease the volume of the speech synthesizer on jaws?
I tried to find in the specific search of jaws, but couldn't find anything.
Some tips?

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