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Hi Bill,

I have a couple of the Fire Sticks. I don't know of any way of turning up the voice on the Stick from within the devices interface. I have found that if the TV that you are using the Fire Stick on has an audio device that you can adjust the sound quality by, e.g. an equalizer or just a separate bass and treble control, you can bring the Fire Stick voice more out to the front. Usually, I find that I must boost the treble a little, and reduce the bass some as well. Some TV's these days have an equalizer in the Audio adjustment wizard.


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Hi Everyone,
I'm wondering if any of you know anything about the Amazon Fire stick?
I just purchased one, and I'm pretty happy with it, but I wonder if the
voice on it can be turned up a bit as its level seems to be quieter
than the music or the movies. Just wondering.

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