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Quentin Christensen

Hi Ann,

I've just had a look through the current version of the material, and there is one line in the activity which says to press SHIFT+numpad 7 to move the review cursor to the top line of text, and an instruction which says to press NVDA+numpad 7 to move to the next review mode, which should be correct.

It's possible I've left an error in there somewhere, so if you can please let me know where I can endeavour to get it fixed ASAP.  Also, if you are using the audio material, there was an issue with some of the commands in the review cursor section being read as for instance, "numpad + 7" instead of "numpad 7".  Actually just looking back through my notes, I think it was you who alerted me to that, so thank you!

I've just got the updated audio which fixes that, so it should be packaged and uploaded in the next couple of days.  We don't specifically send out notifications for updates to the material (usually they are relatively small), but if you log into your account and download the material you have purchased, you will always get the latest version.

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On Sat, Jul 22, 2017 at 10:24 PM, Ann Parsons <akp@...> wrote:
Hi all,

I've gotten to chapter 11 in the NVDA tutorial, and it's on review mode.  It says that if I press insert-7 on the numpad, I will get the previous line.  I don't, I get 'no next review mode'.  What am I doing wrong?   That's what's listed in the commands file too.  I'm puzzled.  Please help.

Ann P.

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