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Hi Bill,
This is what Apple says about setting up your Apple TV for the first time:

*On Apple TV (4th generation), wait a few seconds, then press the upper-left button (Menu) three times. You should hear "VoiceOver on."
*On Apple TV (2nd or 3rd generation), wait a minute. Your Apple TV should ask you to press the lower-right button (Play/Pause) on your remote to turn on VoiceOver.

I have never fooled around with the Apple TV, but it sounds similar to the same requirements as the Amazon Fire TV stick. I am assuming you know how to turn on Voice View on the Fire Stick.


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Hi Everyone,
I have a fire stick as some of you know, now I want to know just how
does Apple's tv unit compare to the Firestick? Does it speak right away
once you plug it in, or are there buttons you push to make the voice come on?
Bill k.

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