Re: creating headings in Thunderbird emails?

Ron Canazzi

Hi Lisa,

Using Thunderbird, it is a bit primitive.

You have to open a new message and then move to the message body and under the insert menu, choose the 'insert HTML' item. You must then type in the corresponding HTML tag. For headers, this is relatively simple. For Heading level 1 it is <H1> for heading level 2 it is <H2> and so on.

Experiment with this and see what you get. I am not sure if you need to place the </H1> after each heading or not. I have frankly never done this before.

On 7/24/2017 3:28 AM, Lisa P Geibel wrote:
I'm trying to create headings in Thunderbird messages I send out occasionally and can't figure out how. Do I have to have certain things turned on in Thunderbird to make it work? I can create the file in Word 2010 with headings, but as soon as I paste it into Thunderbird, I either see 1 heading or no headings. I'm using the latest version of NVDA, Windows 10 with the latest version of Thunderbird. A friend of mine can create the file and email it to me and the headings show up, so it leads me to believe there's a setting I need changed in Thunderbird, but I can't figure it out. I tried it with turning HTML on, but it still didn't work. Please help, if anyone can and if this can even be done? Thanks.
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