Re: Setting up an Amazon dot

Michael Mote

Hi Frank! the button that has the bump on it, is the one you're
looking for. If the buttons are your right, The volume controls are
at the top and at the bottom. The button on the left is your
Microphone button. Sometimes, when you plug in your dot, it may
automatically power up. In other words, you may not have to push the
button with the bump on it.

On 7/23/17, Frank Ventura <> wrote:
Hi all I am trying to setup a new Amazon Echo Dot. It is the new generation
with 4 buttons on top, one of which has a tactile bump on it. The
instructions say to press the actions button for 5 seconds? With the button
with the bump on it in the upper right, which button is the actions button?
Thanks in advance


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