question about email received texts

Keith S

Hi, when I check my email, I usually get a few emails that are obviously from cell phone texts (area code plus a 7 digit phonenumber.  I do not, off the top of my head, identify any of the numbers. 
if I were to open one one of these emails, is there a chance that some type of automatic virus or mal-ware will open, or do viruses and malware that are sent via email or text based in links where I would have to click on a link within the email to trigger the malware or virus?
Due  to these phonenumbers being sent from cell phones, it is not like I can simply open the white pages and look up the owners of said phone numbers.
I have taken to moving them into a folder within Outlook express until I figure out if I should just delete them without looking at the contents, or if I should hold on to them and see if there is a solution to my problem.
Thanks for any ideas or knowledge

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