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Michael Mote

The Sirius XM Web-site works very well. I prefer to use it with
Internet Explorer, but it also works with Firefox and Google Chrome.
You can visit, and log in with your
account, which is the same for both your iDevice and the web-site.
Most of the options are buttons. It is much more user friendly than
it was say three years ago.

On 7/23/17, Jim Wohlgamuth <> wrote:
Troy, I had had the APP for my S7 for quite a while, But I have a set of
killer speakers on my computer and like listening to music through
them. I listen on my phone whenever I am away from my PC though and
have little or no trouble with the APP. THANKS for the response! Have A
Good 1! dee <KF8LT><Jim>.

On 22-Jul-17 23:15, Troy Burnham wrote:
I listen with the siriusXM app on my phone so I can't say anything
about the web site, I downloaded the app from the app store on the phone.


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How accessible is the website?

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Hi Ron,

I believe you can because I have an online subscription and use the
app on my iPhone, but then again when I purchased my online
subscription last year I had had an xm receiver for a few years and
had a subscription for that. I do think you can get an online
subscription only though.


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Hi Group,

If you do not have an actual SeriusXM account and satellite radio,
can you
buy an account for just online usage?

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