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Even if I were willing to go back to using a simpler device, one concern of mine would be in finding one that offered as much accessibility as the IPhone or Android I'd normally use. It would really not bother me much to have a device that only worked for calls and texts, but I think it's becoming quite a bit more difficult to get devices like that that are fully accessible. I do like having the convenience of having everything in one device, my books and music, Youtube, my emails, etc, but I also see the appeal of having a device such as an older Nokia with talks, even if it were for the much longer battery we had back then.
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On 7/31/2017 9:29 AM, Marie wrote:
I hear so much talk about the feature phones as opposed to the smart phones. I have been using the IPhone for seven plus years and I even gave the Android a good run. But about a year ago I tried going to a feature phone and I can tell you that it was twice as frustrating as any smart phone I have had my hands on. when I get a text, I know immediately who it is from and with the dictation feature, I can respond in seconds. Why anyone thinks it is easier to type out a message on a flip phone is beyond my understanding. When on a long call, I put the phone on the arm of the chair, it automatically goes to speaker phone without me having to do anything. I don't have any issue with the sound going up and down on it's own and I can browse through my contacts with ease, edit or activate one to send a message, an email or place the call. In addition I can just say, "Hey Siri" and when I hear the tone, I can tell it to send a message to my sister and it asks what I want to say.
The calendar app is simple to use and keeps all my appointments and gives me alerts so I don't forget. How in the world can a flip phone be easier to use? I have a Samsung Gusto 3 and an LG Revere 2 and if anyone wants to pay for the shipping, they are welcome to have them as my gift.

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If I'm in the Inbox, I press that second button on the right
side, Speech, and it reads the message, but I can't figure
out how to get it to tell me who sent it. That is one reason
I'm thinking of replacing it next year. Another thing is to
read a contact number, the only way I have figured out is to
back it out, write it backward, get out without saving the
changes. I was told once how to do that, but didn't need to
for a long time and forgot how I did. I have tried all the
tricks I can think of. At least though, the phone works,
does not present any problems, the read out is constant. It
does what it does, does not crash, does not get quieter or
louder; it simply does what it does.

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Hi Carolyn,

With the LG Revere III, how do you get it to read the name
of who sent the text. If you're in the inbox, how do you
get it to tell you who the message is from?

Ann P.

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