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That's one of those things that still depends on the person. My sighted wife uses the virtual keyboard on her IPhone for longer documents all the time and does quite well at it. As comfortable as I might be in using a touch screen device, I think that they will always be easier for someone who's sighted and don't require a screenreader or the extra accessibility stuff that makes them usable to us.

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my mom and sister who are sighted both use touch screen phones. And other sighted people I know use them also and touch screen tablets. Can they type on them? yes. But what do they go to when they have to type long documents and longer stuff? They still use their physical keyboards and their windows laptops. I use my touch screen phone just fine. Its fine for a real quick email, some basic web browsing, making phone calls, using the gps and knfb reader apps and other apps. But I prefer my windows laptop with its physical keyboard for everything else. My phone cannot replace my computer, nor is it meant to do so.

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Bulls' eye, Carlos!!!

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LOL I prefer buttons as well. In my opinion, a touch screen
just slows down your productivity. No matter how proficient
you are with a touch screen, you will never be faster than
someone who is proficient with a keyboard. As I have always
said, many blind users may adapt and even become proficient
at using a touch screen, but touch screens were never
designed with the blind in mind and they are certainly not
an optimal interface for accessibility.
And before everyone starts screaming in opposition to this
point of view, as I said it is only my opinion.
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Hi all,

Well, it's all in the old adage, different strokes for
folks. I tried an iPhone for five years and ended up not
liking it
because I couldn't get things done fast enough. I was
always tapping
and swiping and when I used Siri, she wouldn't understand
me, and I
finally gave up in total frustration! I want something
that is going
to work all the time, every time and not give me something
I don't
want or need, and not argue with me or misunderstand me.
Besides, I like buttons. Call me a luddite
if you want, but I like buttons. I have a BrailleNote
Touch which has a
dozen apps on it, and that serves my needs. Will I change
my mind, I
might, who knows. At the moment, I'm happy with what I
Ann P.

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