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Gene isn't difficult if you use it in an efficient way.  First, I seldom go directly to any site when I'm looking for something.  google searches are faster than going to this site or that site and working with different organization and interfaces.  Doing Google searches is usually far more efficient.'s audio quality varies widely.  Their material comes from collectors as far as I can tell and ranges from good to barely understandable and the quality varies regularly even within one series.
You may get better audio elsewhere but I don't know if you will if you get content for free. 
Look up what you want to find, such as Gun Smoke on google.  If you want to see results first, then do a search for Gun Smoke
Look quickly at the results, or at least the relevant first ones until you find what you want or something promising.  Then follow the link.  The first result I got was for Gunsmoke - Single Episodes : Old Time Radio ... - Internet Archive
Since sites usually have related links such as to download all of something if such downloads are available on the site, I followed the single episodes link since a quick look at two or three more results didn't have anything like Gun Smoke, full series or anything similar.
Partway down the page, I found this:
This is the Single Episode Page. The Certified Set includes extras not found here. It is located at OTRR Certified Set. This page is provided in case you want to sample the shows.
I'm not saying that you shouldn't ask for radio shows.  others may have more consistent quality of recordings.  I'm not sure if there may be other advantages. 
But I'm saying that the Internet Archive can be used with reasonable, if not ideal efficiency.

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While I know I can get most of what I'm after from I do not care much for that site. It is badly organized and not very streamlined. I'd be spending most of my time trying to figure the site out rather than getting content.
I'm looking to reclaim my old time radio (OTR) holdings after a hard drive failure. If anybody has some they would like to share, or a resource from where i can download it, I'd be most grateful. Most of this stuff is in the public domain, hence its availability on If I have to go there I will, but I'd prefer more direct links.

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