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I'm personally not a big amd fan. This is based on a 2011 era toshiba laptop i had with a medium range amd chip. I have to admit, they are getting better though. The rizen chips sure got great reviews.

On 8/3/2017 3:51 PM, Josh Kennedy wrote:

this laptop uses lots of generic hardware. windows automatically recognized all AMD drivers so had no issues at all. if I and when I buy another computer it will for sure be one with AMD hardware in it. When I get my son a new laptop I'm getting him one with AMD stuff inside but AMD a12 and better radeon graphics for the games he likes. Even with a traditional spinning hard drive when I touch the side of this computer even when the CPU is maxed out you can't even feel that its running. It runs as or nearly as cool as a cell phone or as cool as my android tablet. But the 9 year old laptop my sighted son is using now that thing gets hot. Its using intel chips. I had an early 2007 late 2006 AMD laptop before I sold it and it ran a bit warm, but not as warm as the old hp elitebook 6930p intel dual core 2.5ghz my son is using. I upgraded that laptop with an ssd and windows10. Did as much as I could for him. But he really needs a new machine and he's getting one in a few months for christmas. my son is 10 years old and in fifth grade.

On 8/3/2017 3:35 PM, Gene wrote:
I believe refresh the PC removes all drivers supplied by the manufacturer.  I suspect that, if proprietary utilities are used to adjust certain things regarding computer operation, you may lose those and I'm not sure if the Windows ones wil work.  I wouldn't use refresh the pc until I had answers to these questions. 
It might have been easier, depending on circumstances, to remove bloatware than to do something like what you did.  You may not have had problems but if my understanding is correct, I wouldn't do it unless I knew how it would affect the specific computer.  I suppose if you didn’t like what it did, you could use the restore to factory state if you couldn't conveniently correct the problems but that might be a lot of time and inconvenience as well, restoring to factory state, upgrading Windows again, and having the malware back again and removing it in another way.
I don't know what you knew in advance but if I'm right about what this procedure does, in general, people shouldn't do things like this unless they really know just what such procedures do and what the results might be.  As I say, I don't know what you already knew.
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I bought a branded hp laptop. It came with some bloatware on it. I just updated windows10 to the creators edition then used the refresh pc feature to wipe out all the bloatware. It also installed a fresh windows10. then used the disk partitioner to erase the factory recovery partition.

On 8/3/2017 2:29 PM, Jaffar Sidek wrote:

That's why I never like to buy branded pcs because of their many bloatwares.  So I get myself a lenovo, for example, and reformat the pc so I can have a windows installation tailored to my needs.  Apart from accessibility issues, these bloatwares take up space and slow down your what might have been a smooth, fast pc.  Most of these bloatwares are gimmicks anyways.  Cheers!

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Hi Pamela,


As I remember, it was during the last half of the year when Lenovo took the steps to not include this malware on their computers. Had it happened by August? I sort of doubt it, but again, every computer they produced did not receive it. I am sure that you have installed the major /Windows updates since that time, and I make it a practice to remove all bloatware and most of the Lemovo utilities from my computers when I get them. If you have done this, you likely would not still have it on your machine.




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I got mine around this time two years ago.  Is it in the time frame to still have had it?  Pam.


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I remember when that thing about Lenovo computers, and I believe one or two other brands, having spyware or malware on their computers. Lenovo sent out messages to their registered owners addressing the issue, and they gave a support number which could be called to have your computer checked out for the suspected bad boy. I had mine checked and both were found to be clean. They had put a name to this malware, but I do not now remember what it was. Lenovo stated at that time, that some of the software that they were pre-installing onto their computers may have been infected, and they stopped including that particular product . If you purchased a computer between a particular date range, again something that I did not commit to memory, then there was a chance that your computer may have been infected. Fortunately, neither of mine were not. There is no reason to worry about purchasing a Lenovo computer today.





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I have a lenovo & I love it.



On 31-Jul-17 10:53 PM, george b wrote:

I been using a lanova yoga 900 for the past year and a half and love it


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I seem to remember reading on this list a few months back that, Lenovo Had some kind of spyware on their laptops. But, pc magazine said they are coming out as the top brand of 2017 followed by Asus, dell hp and lastly apple. I wanted to see if anyone can speak of their experiences with Lenovo laptop, do you like it or do you wish you had a different brand?

Thanks Heather




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