possible fix for thunderbird 52 and later with jaws 17 and earlier?


Good morning all.

Yesterday i had thunderbird accidentally update on me again. Rather than revert again i decided to see what fs had come up with in the way of a fix for the message list.

Here are my thoughts and observations.

First of all, i new that jaws 18 supposedly worked with thunderbird 52 so as much as i didn't want another jaws upgrade i decided that that would be the least painful place to start. The jaws upgrade went smoothly and i am now running jaws 18. However, here is where the problems started. I opened thunderbird expecting the message lists to read and for the one account they actually did. However, for the 3 other accounts in thunderbird, nothing i did made them work. restarting tb, jaws, etc. I do know about the threaded view in tb but for a none touch device this is a poor option, especially the way tb sorts the messages in oldest to newest order.

I finally lost patience and reverted tb again. I know, i should call fs and demonstrate the issue to them but for me calling fs is a trial in patience. Why on earth can't they get good techs who try to help instead of people who think they know it all and then when proven they don't won't let you speak with someone up the chain? Anyway, enough of that rant, back to troubleshooting.

My next thought was to go look at the mozilla bug i filed when the issue initially started and see if anything had come up there. One of the things mentioned there was the possibility of a technical support release from fs that would address the issue for jaws 16 and 17. Good i thought, now i'll finally get something.

I went searching for the fs announcement and found it here.


Again i didn't get a clear picture of what had changed but this did have a script file that would supposedly fix the issue. I downloaded and compiled the script into jaws but again, no luck, the message list still doesn't read.

Again, i should probably call fs but decided to post here first.

So now i have 2 questions for all you people out there.

1, Did the latest version of jaws 18 fix the issue with the message list for anyone out there?

2, for those running older versions of jaws, could you test out the script file and post the results?

From some hints dropped in various places i think this has to do with a chrome.css file so if we have any programers


here i invite thoughts as to how this could be fixed and pushed back to the tb code base.

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