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Akash Kakkar

Hi Michael,
Pasting the Audex description below:
Audex is redefining accessibility for your android devices.
It gives you many smart features such as: Smart Labeling System,
Audible Access etc.
What is Smart Labeling System (SLS)?
Audex includes a Smart Labeling System, Which automaticly labels all
the unlabeled controls throughout your apps and device.
This feature is very useful and improves the accessibility of
unlabeled controls by 90 - 95%.
Audex also provides audible feedback for many events such as:
• Clicking,
• Touching/Hovering,
• Swiping on the screen,
• Opening/closing the windows and menus,
• Scrolling,
• Performing the gestures,
• Starting/Finishing the gestures,
• Long pressing,
• Charger Plugging/Unplugging,
• Screen On/Off etc.
Different-different sounds are associated with every event out there.
This app can be used in conjunction with/without any screen reader such as:
• Google Talkback,
• Shine Plus,
• Samsung Voice Assistant etc.
This app can be very useful for screen reader users.
You can customize the sounds for every event along with toggling them.
App has 6 sound schemes bundled with it, 2 out of them are fully customizable.
There’s a ‘shared’ sound scheme which allows users to share the sound
schemes with others on demand if required.
Audex is very responsive and very low on memory, so, no need to worry either.
Note for screen reader users:
For optimal experience, please turn off the sound feedback of your
screen reader. (Don’t Worry, you’ll not regret it, it has many sounds,
which are in
fact better than talkback etc.).
To use Audex:
• Go to Settings,
• Then Accessibility,
• Then Audex,
• Click the button which is labeled as ‘off’,
• Click ‘OK’ on displayed warning/alert.

You are now ready to enjoy the Audible Access and Navigation
throughout your device!
Many more features are on the way!

On 8/5/17, Michael Boyd <> wrote:

Hi Akash,

Can you please tell us what Audex is and what it does? Thanks.


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I'm Akash Kakkar from India.
I'm the developer of Audex.
I'm happy to join this group, and thaught that I should drop an introduction
So, how are you all?

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