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What is the latest version of windows 10?  About to start up my business, and since jaws and excel go together like peanut butter and jelly, I need windows.  So I might as use the latest and greatest.

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You're quite welcome.  Actually, if you remove the file ei.cfg from any edition, it will allow you to choose the edition during installation.  These images already have ei.cfg removed.
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Excellent, I'll grab them, just to keep them archived now that I have a new hd. I don't know all that much about the subject, but I understood that you could use the ultimate ISO to install that and the other versions below it, yes? As a matter of saving space, I was thinking of grabbing that one as well and using it to install professional, but I was unclear on how this install would work inside the PE. I know that you'd previously mentioned that you could use a utility to remove a file from the ISO to do this, but I couldn't recall the name of it.
Anyways, thanks bunches bruddah for the upload, your help is always super appreciated.
Take it easy. :)

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If you want to download them from a secure source, you can get them from my pCloud below.
32 bit
64 bit
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Hey all,
I know that here not so long ago on list some downloads for the ISOs for Win7 were posted. I'd had most of the downloads that I wanted so didn't see a need to keep the links or messages. Early last week however, my external decided to crap out, resulting in the loss of the ISO and the backups for 7 that I used when I wanted to restore. I'm in the process of searching down the tool I used to register Windows on my OEM machine and also the drivers for it, but I can't seem to locate a decent place to grab 7pro.

If it'd be possible for someone to post up the link for it or where I might be able to look, I would be most grateful as I'd like to get my backup image recreated.
Thank you bunches and hope everyone is well.
Take care.

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