Sharing files between users, without them needing to be previously synced such as with Dropbox and similar

Jeremy <icu8it2@...>

Hey all,
First of all my apologies if the subject isn't super clear. I wasn't quite sure how to describe what I hope to find, but here it goes.

There's a teamtalk server that a few of us hang out on, about 10 of us at most, and the server isn't configured to share files from user to user. Currently the way things are going, some of us either post Dropbox links to the chat area of the server for others to grab or sometimes two or three people might create a folder between themselves to make things a bit quicker. While this second method works decent enough for being able to place files in one folder and have the file show up for the other users in that folder, there's no real way to browse the files a user has and select only certain ones for downloading.

I know it'd be possible for each and every person to set up something like an FTP server and allow access to it for the other users, but not everyone there wishes to set up FTP, nor would they know how, probably. I know that there used to be applications that you could run that would either let you search for files hosted by other users connected to the same network, limewire, imesh, DC++, etc. I am not really interested in using an application with potential spyware or whatever, something that's used for pirating like imesh used to be, but I also don't know the state of DC++ these days and if there's something that might work better for us. Even with BTSync, it's my understanding that you must first completely mirror what the other users are hosting for you to browse them, but since not all of us have the same amounts of space, or don't always want to download everything someone else has hosted, I wasn't sure of what other options we might have.
If anyone might be able to point me off in the right direction to something that I could try, I would be most grateful.
either way, thanks bunches everyone and hope everyone is well.
Take care.

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