Re: Windows update caused Skype audio settings problems

Steve Matzura

I did. It didn't.

On Wed, 9 Aug 2017 08:47:30 +0800, you wrote:

Steve. Try connecting your microphone to the device you want to route
your microphone speech to, then try to reconfigure your mic output and
see if it works. Cheers!

On 9/8/2017 12:48 AM, Steve Matzura wrote:
Didn't need to. Pressing show advanced options does that just fine.
The normal thing is to show only two devices. The problem is not that
I can't see the devices, I just can't rearrange them, and what's up
with this checkbox business?

On Tue, 8 Aug 2017 10:48:42 -0400, you wrote:

Have you tried expanding the combo box with Alt+Down Arrow? This is usually
necessary in Skype to view all available devices.
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After my recent update to Windows 10 build 15063 (which I think is the
Creator update everybody's been on about for months now), my audio
devices in Skype have all been rearranged, and no matter what I do, I
cannot get them re-rearranged correctly. Here's what's happening.

In the Tools -> Options -> General -> Audio Settings dialog, the
Speakers selection combo box is OK, but in the Microphone section, two
devices are shown, and I don't want to use either of them. So, I
select the "Show advanced options" button, and now I can access all my
audio devices. Again, in the Speakers combo box, the correct device is
checked. Checked? There was never a checkbox there before. Now where'd
that come from? OK, it's correct, I leave it alone. But in the
Microphone combo box, there is a checkbox next to a device I don't
want to use. I have tried pressing the space bar on it to uncheck it,
tried that technique on the device I really do want to use, it does
not get checked, I've tried with real and virtual mouse buttons,
nothing changes. I did find a Remove button and two pairs of Up and
Down buttons. Remove doesn't remove anything. I can move things up and
down in either combo box, but I cannot change the status of the
checkboxes. And if that's not enough, after fiddling with the Up and
Down buttons with mouse-clicker controls in my screenreader, and then
saving changes, the settings revert back to what they were before I
started monkeying with them. What am I doing wrong, and how can I
straighten this out? The problem seems to be on a per-account basis
bec ause somehow I was able to fix it when logged in to another
account, but even then, it took me forty-five minutes to do so. So
until I can get this straightened out, I can't use Skype. Any

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