Re: Question About Goldwave

Joe Giovanelli


The usage does not depend o n a length of time. It counts the number of key strokes. When they are exceded, you cannot do more work. You can save your work, however. I guess you could uninstall it and reinstall it and do a bit more work.

Joe Giovanelli

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From: MamaPeach <mamapeach@...>
Date: Thursday, August 10, 2017 9:55
Subject: [TechTalk] Question About Goldwave

I just installed Goldwave 6.3 and I am wondering with the free version, how long I can use it? Is it a certain amount of tasks that I can do, or is there like a 30 day trial? I just can't afford to purchase the program right now, but am wanting to use the program for creating iPhone ringtones. Any information that anyone can give would be appreciated.

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