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Jeff Christiansen


Wishing you a speedy recovery.

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Hi everyone,

Thanks for the continued good wishes. Well I'm at the hospital right now
and they determined it probably isn't the blood infection. That's the good
news. The bad news is that they still don't know what is causing the fevers
so they want to keep me. Right now I'm lying in the emergency room waiting
for them to move me into my own room. That's the worst part.
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I just saw this, Carlos. I wish you the best and will remember you in

Best from,


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Well crap, sorry to hear that bro, that's for sure. best of wishes for
you and hope that everything goes well and that you get out, nice and
quick. I know how frustrating hospital stays can be, but just take it
easy and do what ever it takes to get to feeling better as best you
Take care and hope you get to feeling better soon.
Laters. :)

On 8/9/2017 11:48 PM, Carlos wrote:

Hello everyone,

I've finally given in and I'm going to the emergency room tomorrow.
These horrible reoccurring fevers have been making my life miserable
on and off for the last few weeks and the only thing I can think it
might be is the blood infection again. Sigh of course, I've actually
been feeling a bit better the last couple of days, but I'm still going
in because assuming it is the infection, I can't afford to just ignore
it. I'm hoping they won't make be stay and I'll be able to just do
the antibiotic treatments at home, but last time they wouldn't release
me until my blood tests came back negative which took almost two
weeks. Even if they decide to keep me, I'm taking a computer this
time so hopefully I won't be completely out of contact as I was during
my previous stay. Although it may depend on the status of internet
service at this hospital. I would assume Wi-Fi is free as it is with
most of them, but they charged me for the phone and television service
which is apparently uncommon so who knows. At least for television
service. However, if there are no hitches with internet service, I
should still be here. I don't even mind paying for Wi-Fi as long as
it isn't too unreasonable. At worst I'm guessing that even if they do
charge, it would be part of the package including the phone and
television. Still, I thought I would just let everyone know in case
something unforeseeable happens and I do lose contact.

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