Re: weird problem, computer lost between past and present


i dont understand your talking about hybrid disk.
i presume its an ssd disk.
first of all just take a look at your list of installed programs.
some programs are there which will make your pc freez in a particular state.
this programs are installed by system admins to prevent nasty changes
to the pcs of staffs.
so if u dont recognise something just uninstall it.
u also must take a look at portable hd tune who knows your hybrid disk
is failing.
i have seen such things on drives with serious drive errors which can
be fixed using chkdsk.
also do a virus scan and check out.

On 10/18/15, Pablo Morales <> wrote:
Good morning all,

I am getting a very weird situation with my computer, it is new, it is a
Lenovo desktop. It has a hybrid disk of 1tb. I am noticing that sometimes
the hybrid disk doesn't report some changes. For example yesterday I had
replace the outlook.pst file for an old copy that I have, but later I found
that after replace it, the old file reappear where I place the new copy.
Today I download the scripts that Carlos sent to TechTalk, and I downloaded
them to the download folder. I open the zip file, and I was reading the
readme.txt file, then I heard jaws saying. Do you want to download this

what, I just downloaded them, why it is asking me to redownload the file?

Ok, before click in ok, and with the readme.txt file open, I when to the
download folder, and I couldn't find the zip file that I downloaded a few
seconds before, and where I was reading the readme.txt file.

Why my computer is getting lost between the past and the present?

I had the txt file open, and this file was inside a zip file in my
and now I.e. is asking me to download the same file?

Well, I declined to download the file, and I restart my computer. Firstable
my computer been new, is restarting very slowly, worse than older computers
that I have. Now I went to the download folder, and the zip file is there.
My outlook is ok now, with the emails that I should lost b in the right
place, like nothing happened.

What is going on in this computer, is something special that I need to know
about hybrid disks?

Why my computer sometimes is like going back to the past, and later coming
back to the present?

Any advice?


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