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Sighted people would have no interest in general use or navigation buttons on a touch screen phone.  Here is a line or two from an article about this phone.  It is clearly not general navigation.  It sounds as though the buttons are just ways to conveniently bring up certain very commonly used functions of the phone and after you have brought them up, it's back to the touch screen.  there is nothing indicating a numberpad for dialing or writing texts. 
Beyond the internal specifications, the Galaxy Folder 2 also has a set of physical buttons for contacts, texts and the camera, as well as a button dedicated to social media apps like Kakao Talk

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James, I have just read, maybe online, maybe from the
Eyes-Free list that Samsung is coming out with a flip phone
called the Samsung Folder 2. I understand that it will have
a small android screen, and if I understand correctly, one
can navigate with buttons. It could be that I have read into
it what I want to.

I have a friend in Dallas who had a phone called a Samsung
Commodore 3. It was not a smart phone, but she said it was,
or is, since she's still using hers so totally accessible.
They no longer make them. She bought a Haven to have as a
backup, having had one at one time, but says it does not
compare to the Commodore, which, of course, I told her that
pretty soon, the Haven might not work on the newer towers. I
don't know that for a fact, the thing could work
indefinitely, which I hope it does, since I have a friend in
Houston with two of them.

I do know that next year, I am going to a phone store with a
list of accessibility wants to replace my LG 3, since it
does not read me any information about the source of a text.
If I don't catch the announcement when a text arrives, I
have to guess by the message or get my husband or someone
sighted to tell me where the text came from. That's got to

Best from,


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Hi Miss Carolyn,
I am curious about this Samsung Folder that you mentioned.
Do you happen to know where I can find more info?
James B
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I can see your point, Olusegun. I invested a lot of energy
jumping from XP to Windows 10. So, like you, I do think that
tablets and phones are for the future. Yet on the EF list, I
see so many people having problems with this and that, that
I am losing my nerve about getting a smart phone. I am
hoping that the Samsung Folder 2 will come out and might not
present as many challenges. I do realize, of course, that
our lists are for problem solving, so if I'm going to hear
about problems at all, it would be on a list.

Best from,


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Sadam wrote:

"Why not upgrade to Windows 10.

Still being on XP really isn't a good idea because of

I am probably well at home as an evil twin!  For me, Windows
XP Pro 64Bit is NOT BROKEN at work, I don't want to fix it.
It gets the job done as I move slowly, but surely, into the
exciting world of Android and KISS ANYTHING Windows goodbye!

For now, I am eagerly awaiting any and all attempts from any
quarter(s) to THWART the security of my XP Pro 64Bit box at
work.  Until this happens, I'm good!  I've read quite a bit
about Windows10, Creator or otherwise, and the many issues
folks are grappling with.  Presently, I don't have the
energy to want to squeeze juice out of the Windows10
anything rock!  I have work to do and I will just stick to
that which has enabled me to get work done with minimal

My energy is being invested in learning to conquer a tablet;
the real estate on a tablet still challenges my instincts,
but, because it holds better promise than Windows anything,
I'll keep pushing myself to learn it and deploy it both for
work and for all other aspects of interaction with the world
by me on this electronic gateway.  In the long run sir,
Android will be far cheaper for me to maintain and keep
up-to-date and I don't have to worry about annual SMA's and

All that aside, I do appreciate your nvaluable suggestion;
but my preferred Windows screen rreader died, its developers
went out of business, and I just don't want to pay any
person(s) $200 or more per hour to have new scripts written
for Jaws!  For my own purposes, NVDA is NOT quite there and
I have NO IDEA what the cost of having NVDA scripts produced
for the Windows apps I still use will net me.  Screen reader
maintenance eats much too much into the small copecks my
company struggles to make and it still has to cut me a
paycheck so I can keep reporting for work!

Denver, Colorado   

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