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Lol, I hate when I do that…?

I always post a question and then right when I send it, I figure out my own problem. However, with it being 4 in the morning now, I have no idea how I got there… I was just tabbing and down arrowing and poof there it was lol.


But, I couldn’t figure this out ever since getting windows 10 which is a few weeks now.

So, since my brain isn’t functioning right now, lets just forget this email ever came through…


Kimsan Song



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Subject: [TechTalk] this pc = windows 10



I signed up here, because I think carlos is the coolest thing since slice bread.


Anyways, apparently, I’m still having trouble accessing my c drive an any other external drives when plugging them into my laptop running windows 10.

My daughter says, when I tell her, for example, I’m trying to locate my passport, which is the name of my 1tb external hd, she clicks on the mouse and then jaws says this pc, so how can I get to this pc via the keyboard?This pc is in the file explorer which use to show my c drive, dvd drive etc, but it’s not showing any of that.



Kimsan Song



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