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Hi guys, I thought I get my two cents in about dating sites. I don't think dating sites are the best way to go given that they require you to put an image up there. I'm at my man the old fashion way kind of. We connected on Twitter but he was a blind person and he still is blind. My man I have heard the name pronounced by other people. At least I knew of him before I met him. A lot of dating sites you don't know who the heck your meeting and you don't know who is behind the keyboard. I am sorry that plenty of fish has a caccia but I don't think love should cost anything. The kind of love that you find on dating sites could cost you but real love is priceless.


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EHarmoney is quite accessible both on the web and using the iPhone app.

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This is an interesting thread please send replies to the list.
I looked at
but they appear to have an insoluble captcha up there. For the last little while I've been using the personals section of craigs list. But you have to be careful there. Most of the ads there are fake. I think many of the ads on all those dating sites are fake too. Trying to get your contact information and image to use in nefarious schemes such as identity theft, or trying to implicate you for bad things. It's gotten to the point where I refuse to send out my real email address and image to anyone. I give out my texting number because it's an online number and doesn't lead anywhere. And If you want to see what I look like, we'll meet in public first. Not having my picture floating around on the internet for anyone to do anything with.

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