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Walter Ramage

Hi Michael.  Thank you.  What you say is what I thought might be the case because even the sighted friend I had help a few years ago found it a little tricky lining things up.  Either I'll have to forget the idea or find somebody who has enough computer knowledge and has sight to do it for me.  Thanks again.  Walter.Original Message -----

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Hi Walter,


Before losing my sight, I used to print many CD labels. Since then however, I have yet to find an accessible software that will allow a blind person to do so.  If you were trying to print the label of a commercial music CD for instance, you  would first acquire the image by either scanning the CD face, or by downloading it from the internet. Then you must open this image in a program such as MS Paint or another, and copy it from there. Now you must open the software that is compatible with the labels that you have and paste the image into this program. Lastly, you must align the label over the outline of the label on the sheet within the program, which you cannot see. If you are using the 2 up CD labels as you described, then you have to perform this process twice to put an image onto both labels. Labels are available for both ink jet and laser printers. It just depends on which you have as to what you buy. If you want to create your own labels, and that is what it sounds like, most of the label making programs do allow for typing text onto the labels and changing the background color as well as fonts and text size. But you still have to put the cursor at the point where you wish to insert the text, and if you have quite a bit of text to include on the label, it can be very frustrating not being able to see any of this. I have never found one of these programs that is accessible with any screen reader as far as I know, at least not Jaws, Narrator or NVDA. Should you come up with an accessible way of performing this task, please share it with the group.





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Subject: [TechTalk] Printing CD labels


Hello all.  I would like to be able to purchase self-adhesive CD labels and print a variety of images on those labels for affixing to recordable CDs.


My ignorance on this topic is profound and I'm not certain if it is possible to do without sight.  Many years ago I had a friend print some CD labels for a few CDs I had and although she is sighted she found it tricky aligning the sheets with the round self-adhesive CD labels in the printer, or should I say aligning the printer software before printing the labels.


So!  I have a number of questions.  Firstly I don't own a printer and if I were to embark on this project which printer would be best for this purpose; laser or inkjet?  Secondly how do you go about configuring the printer to print the images on to the round label (there is normally 2 round labels to a sheet.  Apart from the printer what software is necessary to accomplish this task and is the software accessible (I use Jaws).


Another thought just occurred to me and that is whilst there are two round labels to a sheet can you print a different image onto each label or must the same image be printed on to both?


As I said, I've never done this before and I don't even own a printer  so I hope I've made what I would like to do clear and I've not confused things..  With thanks.  Walter


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